Luxury touring without compromise, Sovereign Luxury Experiences was created with the desire to build the best and most thoughtful journeys in the world. Sovereign combines its compelling knowledge of history with unsurpassed personal service that is draped with timeless sophistication. A Sovereign Experience is luxury in the midst of a grand adventure.


Experience Luxury without Compromise by Traveling on One of Sovereign's Enriching Journeys

Billionaires and Barons
Take a luxurious journey into the past that very well may have an incredible impact on your future. Experience the victories, heartaches, and triumphs of men such as Rockefeller, Ford, Edison, Hearst, Flagler, Hershey, Carnegie and many other great men of America's gilded age.
Culinary Expeditions
Experience the unparalleled masterpiece of Sovereign's Luxury Culinary Expeditions. Learn to cook from James Beard award winning chefs, indulge your senses at the finest Michelin rated restaurants on the planet, and widen your horizons with an amazing array of farm based sourcing and educational experiences that will expand your epicurean horizons.
Historic Journeys
Stand on the shoulders of history's giants as you experience the greatest historical tours ever conceived. You will be lead by some of the world's great leaders as you relive history's defining and moments.
Uniquely Themed Voyages
Experience a cruise where your mind will be expanded at a greater rate than your waistline! Be whisked away for an at-sea experiences where you will learn from the greatest teachers and historians in world, and all within the confines of uncompromised luxury.

About Sovereign

Sovereign Luxury Experiences offers life experiences - not just travel and tours…

Our hallmark blend of luxury, authenticity and adventure illuminates every aspect of our guest's journey — whether they choose to venture on an Asian expedition worthy of ambassdors or royalty, enjoy up to five Michelen starred restaurants in one week, explore the eraand secrets to success of the great American industrialists, or contemplate civilizations past in the shadows of the great acropolis alongside their own private philosopher. We take responsibility for every stage of our guest's journey, sparing no effort to deliver an unforgettable luxury vacation package.

Sovereign's Luxury Concierge Service

Sovereign's gold level luxury concierge services will transform your conception of tour travel by providing a level of attention to detail significantly higher than our competitors. Your Sovereign Tour concierges will allow you to relax and enjoy your journey's experience.


ways to travel with Sovereign

Small Group Experiences

Experience the Sovereign difference with a small group of like-minded fellow travellers and an expert Sovereign Tour Director.

Affinity and Incentive Experiences

Sovereign can offer private travel options for you and your friends, family or corportate groups, all led by our expert local guides.

Exclusive Group Experiences

Sovereign provides exclusive groups with several ways to discover the world on their own while in the midst of luxury.

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Stay tuned for the launch of the Sovereign Experiences Review and follow the team at Sovereign as they travel the world in search for unique and life changing experiences that will soon be offered to you
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